Monday, May 12, 2008


If you thought creaky joints were a problem, wait till you hear SQUEAKY joints!

From the "it was bound to happen department," perhaps? A story in the New York Times recounts the experiences of hip replacement patients who are discovering -- up to 7% of them, in some cases -- that their several-year-old ceramic hips (artificial joints) are starting to SQUEAK

Reports Barnaby Feder of the Times: "Any artificial hip can occasionally make a variety of noises. But until Stryker, a medical products company, began marketing highly durable ceramic hips in the United States in 2003, squeaking was extremely rare.

Now, tens of thousands of ceramic hips later β€” from Stryker and other makers that entered the field β€” many patients say their squeaking hips are interfering with daily life. One study in the Journal of Arthroplasty found that 10 patients of 143 who received ceramic hips from 2003 to 2005, or 7 percent, developed squeaking. Meanwhile, no squeaks occurred among a control group of 48 patients who received hips made of metal and plastic. β€œIt can interrupt sex when my wife starts laughing,” said one man, who discussed the matter on the condition that he not be named."

Patients say their hips squeak when doing normal activities...bending over, walking, getting up from a chair. One even posted a YouTube video demonstrating the squeakiness.

Makes you wonder...if those artificial hips are squeaking, what else are they doing internally? Deteriorating? Wasting away? Rubbing themselves into joint nothingness?

Another reason to avoid surgery as long as possible and try Rossiter System stretches instead.

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