Saturday, July 31, 2004


Welcome To.....Surgery Sucks!!!!

Welcome to Surgery Sucks!!!! It's the blog that will provide alternatives to pain relief, challenge the medical system and publicize its not-so-publicized medical studies.

Such as this one, published July 27, 2004 by HealthGrades, which found that medical errors kill 195,000 people a year in American hospitals -- a tally that would make medical mistakes the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S. if it were included as an official cause of death. But how often do you think that kind of information shows up on an autopsy report? Or death certificate?

Yet hospitals, of course, are where most people go to have surgery. Operations. "Simple out-patient procedures," in current medical jargon. But have you ever heard anyone say, "You know, I'm scheduled to have surgery next week, and I'm PUMPED! I'm excited! I can't wait. It'll be so awesome! It'll feel so GREAT!"

Of course not. The average health consumer (espeically those in pain) may be vulnerable, but they're certainly not stupid.

So this blog will provide some alternatives, including the most important: the link to Surgery Sucks!!!!, the web site for the book that contains more than 100 powerful stretches to get out of pain anywhere in the body: low back, hips, neck, shoulder, arms, elbow, wrists, fingers, knees, feet, ankles...

...naturally, and without side-effect-laden drugs or painkillers.

...Without stupid (and medically proven ineffective splints).

...Without cortisone shots (notice how they always call them "injections" instead of SHOTS?).

...And certainly without risky, scar-tissue-producing, often disabling surgery.

You name it, YOU (and a stretching partner) can fix it.

If you're a corporation or business professional interested in cutting your employees' medical costs -- while keeping workers out of pain and productive -- consider adopting The Rossiter System at your workplace for one of the country's most effective programs for slashing medical costs.

Keep checking back. I'll be here, and I'll keep you informed.

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