Thursday, August 26, 2004


And the Crowd Went Wild! Well, not WILD, but Gosh...Thanks, Dayton!

There's something about Books & Company in Kettering, Ohio! The August 25 book signing...usually a kind of small event with a few interested souls...was jam-packed with SRO crowds, sign-up lists for books and plenty of interest in a 2005 Dayton-area Surgery Sucks! workshop. Keep checking the Surgery Sucks web site and the Rossiter System web sites (use the links on the left) for workshop information, times, details. As soon as we have a time, date and place, we'll let you all know.

Many thanks to Rene & Sharon at Books & Company for the great PR, and to Kevin Lamb of the Dayton Daily News for Tuesday coverage that obviously brought in the crowds.

Because of the demand for books, we're happy to announce that Surgery Sucks!!!! is going into a second printing in September! (And if you know of a wealthy philanthropist who wants to underwrite the costs, let us know!).

Thanks again, Dayton. You ROCK!

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