Sunday, September 26, 2004


The Rossiter System Goes to Europe

Just got back from the first official Rossiter System in Europe, and my gosh...what a great event. The five-day Sept. 8-12 workshop in Munich drew seven participants, with representatives from Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Ireland and England. Thanks to the European Rolfing Association for coordinating the event, and specials thanks to the six Rolfers and one lay participant who worked so hard during those five days to learn the Rossiter System techniques.

By the fifth day, several of them had the same reaction: "I feel 20 years younger..."

Wanna hear what others had to say?

"I am glad to have been here. I understand my body better..."
--Uli Foerg, Rolfer from Munich

"This was an excellent and enjoyable workshop. I would urge every Rolfer, bodyworkers, etc. who is interested in enhancing their work and their own bodiies to take this workshop."
--Barry O'Brien, Rolfer, Galway, Ireland

"I feel more easiness, more freeness! These techniques give me a lightness back! I like these techniques and the teaching very much. Thank you for this effective work. I'm lucky to have been in this course!"
--Gisela Lasser-Dorner, Rolfer, Graz, Austria

If you'd like to schedule a Rossiter System workshop near you, please send an email via the "contact us" link at The Rossiter System web site or the Surgery Sucks!!! web site

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