Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Improved Health Coverage? Better Insurance? Nope...Four More Years of "Don't Get Sick, Please"

You know what? I voted my morals and values, too, when I punched my chad in the Nov. 2 election...but I was hoping that the U.S. would finally come to grips with the fact that more than 40 million of us don't have any health insurance at all. And those of us who DO have health insurance really have "sickness insurance." As a friend noted over the weekend, Canada and the UK selectively provide universal health care based on availability and resources; in the U.S., we use wealth as the litmus test for who gets it and who doesn't.

So what to do in the interim? Consider alternatives, and The Rossiter System is one of the best out there to get rid of those nasty, chronic aches and pains that continually send people to the doctor (stress headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, knee/foot pain, shoulder/neck pain), and those same people usually get sent home with very little relief except some pain pills and vague instructions. (Speaking of pain pills, today's New York Times highlights a report showing that Pfizer's pain-killer Bextra, similar in makeup to now-pullled-from-the-market Vioxx, also leads to more heart attacks in patients who take it. Will it soon join Vioxx as a former drug? And what about Celebrex?)

But with The Rossiter System, YOU control you're health. YOU control your recovery. YOU'RE in charge of locating and removing pain from your body with the help of a stretching partner.

"Surgery Sucks!!! Fix Your Body Without Needles, Knives, Scalpels, 'Scopes, Lasers or Other Sharp Stuff!" is now in its second printing (yes, folks, fewer typos!), and available for the low, low cost of $35 at several locations: Bob Roncker's Running Spot in the O'Bryonville neighborhood of Cincinnati; Joseph-Beth Booksellers at Rookwood Pavilion in Cincinnati; and Books & Co. in the Far Hills Shopping Center in Dayton, Ohio. You can also find it at the Montomgery County Library in Dayton, and a copy has just been donated to the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County.

Don't wait for the federal bureaucrats to be concerned about your health. It's obvious where their priorities lie...and it's not with YOU.

So take charge!

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