Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Thanks, Coaches!

The Rossiter System got off to a busy start in January '05 at several national coaches' conventions -- the American Baseball Coaches Association convention in Nashville, the American Football Coaches Association convention in Louisville, and the American Soccer Coaches Association Convention in Baltimore.

Frankly, those of us in the booth were too tired to keep count, but we fixed a LOT of knees, low backs and shoulders at those three conventions. Joining Richard in Nashville was former Mets pitcher Craig and his wife, Kelly; Richard's wife, Sue, in Louisville, and Richard solo in Baltimore.

Thanks to all the coaches, assistant coaches and interested athletes who stopped by, picked up literature, watched us step on people, got up the nerve to try out the stretches themselves and experienced firsthand how quick and powerful the Rossiter System techniques are for loosening tight joints and relieving pain (some of it longstanding pain). (Now, think how quickly your athletes can get back in shape...and how easily you can KEEP them injury-free for maximum performance).

Remember, we're happy to come to any college, school district, school or facility to do a workshop for coaches, players, athletic trainers, strength/conditioning coaches, parents, boosters, alumni -- heck, anyone interested in learning how to stay out of pain and get out of pain that already exists.

Remember to check out the list of upcoming workshops, and call 1-800-264-8100 if you'd like to schedule a workshop in your area of the country or at your school/community. Call soon....with all the interest we stirred up in the athletic community, we expect to be busy and booked up throughout 2005...and beyond! And it's first come, first served.

See you at the National Athletic Trainers Association convention in June in Indianapolis!

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