Thursday, April 28, 2005


Rossiter System Pain-Busting Techniqes: Now Available on DVD!

Thanks to all of you who've purchased the Surgery Sucks!!!! book. It's now in its 3rd printing...AND the good news is that for all of you extra-visual learners, the Rossiter System techniques are now available on DVD!

That's right. The new DVD includes streaming videos PLUS voice-over instructions of the upper-body pain-busting techniques (shoulders, necks, arms, elbows, wrists) from Levels 1 and II, and that's not all! (Do I sound like an infomercial yet?). The DVD also includes techniques for lower back, hip, knee, foot and ankle pain.

The techniques are grouped in several different ways: by level, by body part and as combinations of techniques for quick fixes.

The best part: it's only $99. THE DVD is most useful when paired with the Surgery Sucks!!!! book, because then you've got the background, philosophy and basics to get you started. If you buy both the DVD and the book, you get the discount price of $119 (plus $5.95 shipping). Interested? Call 1-800-264-8100 to place your order.

Remember, there ARE sound, effective, proven ways to prevent and relieve pain that do NOT involve risky drugs, cortisone injections or even riskier surgeries. The Rossiter System is just one of them.

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