Thursday, June 16, 2005


Thanks, NATA, for a great conference! Highlight of the event was....?

Thanks to all of the National Athletic Trainers' Association members who stopped by The Rossiter System booth in Aisle 1600 at the NATA convention June 13-16 in Indianapolis.

If you tried one of the techniques to get rid of knee, back, foot or shoulder pain, thanks for being open-minded and eager to try something new. If you were in the crowd watching, thanks for your interest. My wife and I were so busy working on people all three days that we didn't have time for lunch!

Highlight of the conference (and perhaps the greatest moment of irony): when two of the folks from the TYLENOL sponsor booth stopped by the Rossiter System booth to get some PAIN RELIEF. Honest! I was MORE than happy to obige (and they both walked away with pain-free shoulders!)

Remember: 2005 workshops are quickly filling up, so if you're interested in attending one to learn these pain-busting techniques, be sure to check the Surgery Sucks workshop schedule. If you'd like one specificially for your school district, college staff, fitness center, rehab center, hospital, etc., call me personally (phone number in the lower left corner of the home page) to set up a time and a training fee that fits your needs.

I mentioned this to many of you, but in case you missed it: as athletic trainers, you have the ideal audience for these stretching, pain-relieving techniques. Athletes are motivated, accustomed to being coached and willing to work hard to get back to optimal performance and out of pain. The Rossiter System techniques give you the tools that feed directly into their goals...and yours.

Hope to see you at a workshop soon!

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