Saturday, July 30, 2005


Thanks, Florida...

Tidbits from the Outpatient Surgery eWeekly newsletter:

Florida's Board of Medicine has hinted it intends to crack down even harder on doctors who perform "wrong-site surgery." (Sorry, ma'am, we thought it was your RIGHT leg, but DUH...we did the left one instead). In the past two years, 80 Florida doctors have operated on the wrong side of the patient, with fines of $10,000 to $20,000. But no license suspensions, which is the next level of punishment being considered. (Hint: use a Magic Marker and mark your OWN body before you have surgery).

Nurse??? Nurse??? Uh, nurse???
According to a survey cited in the newsletter, 49% of nurses expect to change jobs in the next two years, 32% in the next year an 18% in the next six months. Why? Most common problems include unmanageable workloads, including understaffed facilities, high stress levels, compromised patient care and overcrowding, among others. Does that make you feel any more confident in the nurses taking care of you AFTER surgery?

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