Saturday, January 14, 2006


Check out the 2006 Workshop Schedule

The schedule for 2006 Rossiter System workshops is quickly filling up for the first half of the year, so if you or your local AMTA chapter, fitness center, massage therapy school, athletic training chapter or other organization has been talking about sponsoring a Rossiter training session, better call soon. So far, the schedule includes:

Feb. 10-12 in Baltimore, MD
Feb. 25-26 in Fredericksburg, VA
March 4-5 (Unit I) and March 17-19 (Unit II) in Cincinnati. The Unit II will not be held at the Clarion as usual; check the web site for new hotel location.
March 25-27 in Fairbanks, AK
March 31-April 2 in Anchorage, AK
April 7-9 in San Diego, CA
April 22-23 in Newark, DE
April 29-30 in Columbus, OH
Mayh 6-7 in Sacramento, NM
May 19-21 in Morristown, NJ
June 3-4 in Quakertown, PA
June 10-12 in Little Rock, AR
June 16-18 in Clearwater, FL

Visit the Surgery Sucks website for complete information and registration details.

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