Tuesday, May 23, 2006


NEW BOOK....coming soon!

For those who loved "Surgery Sucks!!!" the book, you'll be pleased to know that it's going to be even better soon!

We've been busy upating, editing and revising the book (and eliminated those pesky typos!), and the new book will be published sometime this summer...with a new cover and a new title!

The new name: Step out of Pain the Rossiter Way. Not as kicky, perhaps, as Surgery Sucks, but probably more appropriate for the general public, and because you use your feet for these technqiues, it's kind of a play on words. Step out of Pain. Get it??

New publisher, too, with a sturdier cover and and whole new section of single-person stretches for those times when you hurt and there's no one around to help you stretch.

Keep your eye out for the updated book sooon!

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