Thursday, January 18, 2007


Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Play Football?

Disturbing news today about the long-term effects of playing football: one forensic specialist who is particularly interested in football players has found that sustained concussions can increase the risk of later-life depression, dementia and suicide as early as midlife, as reported in the New York Times.(registration may be required)

The information has come to light because of the interest of another former NFL player who wanted more answers about why, after a teen/young adult career as a football player, he began experiencing depression and memory loss in middle adulthood. And according to the doctor taking an interest in the issue, some middle-aged adults who played football as teens/young adults show brain patterns in their 40s that usually aren't seen until elderly people are in their 80s, including pre-Alzheimer's conditions.

For some, the bottom line: sending young kids back on the field after head inujuries and concussions and telling them to "tough it out" may, in fact, be setting them up for severe problems later in life.

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