Friday, June 01, 2007


Fascia: The Body's System of SPACE

Every workshop I teach, I remind my student/colleagues the same things: fascia is that body's system of "Space." It's what holds bodies together, gives them shape and form, allows them to move easily and freely.

And when fascia becomes too tight -- like a wetsuit that's two sizes too small -- all sorts of aches and pains set in. The Rossiter System is one of several modalities that loosen and elongate connective tissue -- fascia -- back to its normal, loose pain-free state by adding weight (a partner's foot), warmth (a partner's foot) and movement (you stretch like he!!).

The Ottowa Sun newspaper recently did an interesting piece on the small-but-growing interest in fascia, mostly by people like you and me but not by the medical profession (not just yet anyway). Read it here...and start stretching today!

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