Thursday, September 20, 2007


Check out new Rossiter STUFF at the AMTA Convention!

It's almost time for the national convention of the American Massage Therapy Association, which will be held Sept. 26-29 at the Duke Energy/CIncinnati Convention Center.

The Rossiter System will BE booth No. 101 near the doors. Come check out the new ideas, the new logo, and the new ways to provide BETTER MASSAGE therapy to your clients by integrating the Rossiter System.

If you're a state AMTA officer, stop by the booth for your free book and a free stretching session to fix what ails you.

If you're a massage therapist interested in techniques that provide quick pain relief to your clients (without wearing the heck out of you), visit Step out of Pain for some new insights!

Visit the Ohio on-site massage room for a Rossiter workout as well, provided by therapists from around the state who've been certified at Rossiter System workshops.

...and keep your toes up!

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