Sunday, October 14, 2007


Headache Drugs Cause Headaches? Indeed. Try a Hole in the Shoulder Instead

Noticed this piece in the New York Times this week: doctors are finding that a lot of headaches are really the result of the "rebound" effects of painkillers designed to kill headaches. That's right...take too many headache pills, and you're likely to give yourself a headache.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: lots of headaches, including migraines, stress headaches and just plain old hurt-like-hell headaches that creep up the back of your head/neck, are the result of connective tissue that's too tight, usually in the pectoral muscles across the front of the chest. A Rossiter System technique called the Hole in the Shoulder, especially if done as soon as headache symptoms start, can usually whack a headache (even a migraine) in a matter of minutes.

It sounds illogical, but think about it: most of the work that we do today is in front of a computer, a desk, a piece of machinery, whatever. We don't use our arms and upper bodies that way that humans used to when they were outdoorsy, active people. So when all the tissue across the upper portion of the front of your body gets constrained and limited, it pulls and tightens inward....pullling on the tissues at the back of your head and upper back, causing headaches.

Stretch out the front part of your body, and you'll probably get rid of your headaches. Check out the book and find out how. Hole in the Shoulder. Try it.

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