Monday, January 07, 2008


Welcom, new Rossiter System Instructors!

I'm extremely proud to introduce to all of you the first-ever class of Rossiter System Instructors - a group of professionals from around the country who will begin teaching Rossiter System Unit I workshops in 2008.

These 12 people are true Rossiter System fanatics...people who've been so excited about The Rossiter System that they've asked me over the past few years when I would offer a course that would certify them as Instructors. And for six challenging and energy-filled days in December, all 12 them came to Cincinnati and participated in a first-ever, intensives Instructor Training course. Soon, they'll be scheduling and teaching Introductory and Unit I Rossiter System workshops from New Jersey to Seattle, the Carolinas to California, New Mexico to Colorado, while I'll continue to handle Unit II classes to certify new Rossiter System Coaches.

I'm truly excited about the energy, dedication and commitment that these 12 individuals exude, especially as we take The Rossiter System to the next level of awareness and professionalism. Equally exciting is the appearance of a seven-page article about The Rossiter System that appears in the December Massage Magazine.

Meet the Instructors

...and here's who they are (from the left): Michael Peairs of Springfield, OH; Valerie Lescantz of Lake Forest, WA: Steve Timmerman of Aiken, SC; Viktor Bek of Princeton, NJ; Kristen Peairs of Columbus, OH; David Henre of Leadville, CO: Richard Rossiter; Diane Meyer of Cincinnati, OH; Kathy Howard of Greensboro, NC; Ron Arbel of San Diego, CA; Felecia Harvey of Dexter, NM; John Carnes of Columbus, OH; and John Prior of San Francisco, CA. They include massage therapists and personal trainers, CORE fitness trainers and Structural Integrators/Rolfers.

Look for GREAT things from this Daring Dozen as they take The Rossiter System to the streets! The more you support them, the quicker that word will spread about this approach to pain relief...and the more that all of you will benefit from the additional exposure, awareness and training. I'm proud to have such great colleagues across the country!

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