Friday, March 14, 2008


Before you reach for that Diet this!

My wife can't/won't drink diet sodas - or anything containing the artificial sweetener aspartame - because she says it leaves a strange metallic aftertaste in her mouth. Just as I tell people who are in pain to listen to their bodies and to think of pain as information, I'm convinced HER body is telling her to stay away from the chemical sweetener as well.

So I was even more intrigued when I found this newsletter article from Dr. Mercola's web site (he's an alternative medicine speiclaist). One woman, concerned about her family's intake of diet soda, fed 108 rats small bits of aspartame over two years. And more than one-third of them developed tumors. Some of them were honking BIG tumors. How much did she feed them: the equivalent of 2/3 of the aspartame found in a normal 8-ounce can of diet soda.

Don't trust what i tel you. Start searching the Internet for information about aspartame -- also sold as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful, Equal-Measure and Canderel. Here's a link to Dr. Mercola's web site about aspartame. Or check out information from the Center for Science in the Public Interest about the Ramazzini study, which found that aspartame in rats is a "multipotent carcinogenic agent." Meaning it's a potent cancer-causing food.

So think before you drink that next can of diet soda. Or choose plain old natural sugar instead!

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