Sunday, March 09, 2008


Prescription the drinking water?

Next time you take a big gulp of watery goodness from the tap, consider this: you might be drinking minute concentrations of prescription drugs that treat everything from heart disease to epilepsy, hormonal problems to depression.

The Associated Press says studies indicate that drinking water supplies are contaminated with tiny concentrations of common prescription medicines, and the studies have been done on treated drinking water and watersheds (water sources) from coast to coast.

Federal officials, of course, say the amounts are too small to be of any consequence. But how much is too much? How do they know? And what about water that hasn't been tested?

How do they get into the water? Well, humans take them, and whatever goes in has to go out, and some of the drugs are "released" into the water supply as urine that's flushed down toilets; water treatment systems can't remove everything that's in the water.

Scary....maybe those water filters are more important than we think.

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