Monday, November 17, 2008


Pain is gone not just because you want it gone but because you have the tools.

Everybody wants tools. Guys want tools, hell, I want tools. But there are very few I really know how to use. Using a tool to get rid of pain is really relatively easy. Like a hammer, I know how to use it, but rarely have to. When I do, I am careful and focused. I want the job done and I don't want to use the side of a wrench or the side of a pair of pliers. The right tool for the right job.

So when I have a headache I want it gone in two minutes and if I have a person near me with a foot, preferably two, I can get out of my headache inside of two minutes. I can get out of shoulder pain in less than 90 seconds. Back pain, five minutes tops. I can get out of knee pain in less than 30 seconds. all I ever have to do is confront my own pain. Use the right tool and done. The tools are totally simple. So why not? I use another person's foot.


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