Monday, November 17, 2008


Pain is gone not just because you want it gone but because you have the tools.

Everybody wants tools. Guys want tools, hell, I want tools. But there are very few I really know how to use. Using a tool to get rid of pain is really relatively easy. Like a hammer, I know how to use it, but rarely have to. When I do, I am careful and focused. I want the job done and I don't want to use the side of a wrench or the side of a pair of pliers. The right tool for the right job.

So when I have a headache I want it gone in two minutes and if I have a person near me with a foot, preferably two, I can get out of my headache inside of two minutes. I can get out of shoulder pain in less than 90 seconds. Back pain, five minutes tops. I can get out of knee pain in less than 30 seconds. all I ever have to do is confront my own pain. Use the right tool and done. The tools are totally simple. So why not? I use another person's foot.


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Care to have some care?

Not because the costs go up but because you think you have to be a part of the system. Doing this, puts you at risk for even more creepy diseases. Diseases that exist only because people forget that there's disease and that their job is to clean stuff up and it doesn't get done because they really don't want to do it or are not qualified to do it.

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