Friday, June 03, 2005


Now I think I've heard it all...

There's something wrong with this: a company that specializes in hospital beds is now offering the "Excel Care" bariatric bed for patients who are morbidly obese. It's designed for people who weigh up to 1,000 pounds, with all sorts of built-in reinforcing supports, slings and inflation devices that make it easier for huge people to adjust and move around in bed and switch positions to avoid getting pressure sores and ulcers.

Hillenbrand Industries announced the new product line this week. Federal stats show that nearly 5% of Americans are considered "morbidly obese," meaning they're 100 or more pounds overweight.

Strikes me as just wrong -- that a health-care system that prides itself on some of the best "medicine" in the entire world has produced a nation that needs such a product (come DO people get to 1,000 pounds?).

At least the bed doesn't have a built-in speaker system that asks, "You want fries with that?"

I hope.

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